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The chat that inspired this whole community

Cast of Characters in Order of Appearance:

p p pandemonium = likewo AKA Hillary
sawdoughy = remote AKA Jaylene (Jay)
AlenaBrolxFlami = me
savorysmurf = mushmouf AKA Kelly
Soidisant Savior = johnnydeeper AKA Yancey or JD
RezzOrange = rudezombie AKA Mike
BluntIntrusion = declaredinsane AKA Aaron
c0uragemylove = courage_mylove AKA Kata

savorysmurf: one time my boss shit her pants at work
p p pandemonium: ROFL!
sawdoughy: hahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahahahaha
savorysmurf: i think it was on accident
Soidisant Savior: But you never know.
p p pandemonium: well i hope so
p p pandemonium: i mean
sawdoughy: did she leave?
p p pandemonium: who does that on purpose
sawdoughy: or stay around
Soidisant Savior: There are people who like that sort of thing. :|
savorysmurf: umm she got her pants off and found a towel or something and left.
p p pandemonium: like you?
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I know..
savorysmurf: i cant remember if it was a towel or sheet
savorysmurf: jd has a scat fetish
Soidisant Savior: NOT LIKE ME
sawdoughy: ew
savorysmurf: is that true
p p pandemonium: rofl
p p pandemonium: yr azn
Soidisant Savior: yah
Soidisant Savior: Except I'm lying.
Soidisant Savior: I just can't think of anyone I dislike enough to pin the fetish on.
p p pandemonium: oh bc its really you
RezzOrange: hha, I get back and the other chat is empty
p p pandemonium: ROFL
savorysmurf: is azn poo diff than merican poo
RezzOrange: ditched...
savorysmurf: hi mikey
sawdoughy: HAHAHAAH
AlenaBrolxFlami: um.. I would have NO clue..
Soidisant Savior: Me too.
sawdoughy: anz poo smaller?
RezzOrange: hey there
AlenaBrolxFlami: no clue, haha
p p pandemonium: um noez
AlenaBrolxFlami: although my sister once had a HUGE Chapters dump.. I'll say no more
p p pandemonium: um
p p pandemonium: ok
sawdoughy: what?
Soidisant Savior: Hahahaha
Soidisant Savior: ilu hil
savorysmurf: huge chapters dump?
savorysmurf: wtf
p p pandemonium: o thanx yanc
p p pandemonium: ilu 2
AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, okay..
RezzOrange: what the fuck is a chapters dump?
sawdoughy: did she have a dump IN chapters?
RezzOrange: She crapped o na book
AlenaBrolxFlami: my sister and I went to a Chapters bookstore in Halifax, and I was winning the "poo competition"
p p pandemonium: um
p p pandemonium: right
Soidisant Savior: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
AlenaBrolxFlami: (don't ask, I don't know why my mom loves keeping track of it on trips)
savorysmurf: WTF
sawdoughy: please don't poo in Canadian stores
savorysmurf: you should have never said this.
AlenaBrolxFlami: sister disappears in bathroom
RezzOrange: Dood, you're family is fucki nweird
savorysmurf: lol
AlenaBrolxFlami: YES, I KNOW
savorysmurf: hahahahahaa omg.
Soidisant Savior: you should have never said this. I will second that.
AlenaBrolxFlami: she comes out laughing
savorysmurf: okay now how many poos have you made
savorysmurf: im up by 1 and a half
p p pandemonium: i am roflip
Soidisant Savior: I KNOW SERIOUSLY
sawdoughy: HHAHA
AlenaBrolxFlami: and she proceeds to go into detail about it..
savorysmurf: are turds worth more than liquid
Soidisant Savior: I'm still laughing at "huge chapters dump"
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, I think that's all you lot need to know..
p p pandemonium: roflroflroflroflrofl
sawdoughy: dragon pls donot come to my hometown and do CHapter DUMPS
p p pandemonium: me too yanc
savorysmurf: im still laughing at, my mom keeps track of poop
Soidisant Savior: Hdadshgahahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: that was NOT me, that was my sister :P
savorysmurf: glad we have no chapters

p p pandemonium: HAHA IKNOW RIGHT
sawdoughy: :(
p p pandemonium: omfg i am laughing so hard
AlenaBrolxFlami: and I could tell you about her "golden curry" dump at her friend Melissa's place in Mississauga.. but won't :P
sawdoughy: My chapters has already been violated, probs
AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll spare you
Soidisant Savior: rofl
Soidisant Savior: Sawdough, what's your name?
sawdoughy: like in ~RL~
Soidisant Savior: IN RL
Soidisant Savior: Or whatever
sawdoughy: OMG
savorysmurf: stfu
Soidisant Savior: ROFL
sawdoughy: It's Jaylene
Soidisant Savior: Jaylene!
Soidisant Savior: Thanks.
sawdoughy: Yeah, but call me Jay
AlenaBrolxFlami: where do you live again?
Soidisant Savior: Okay.
Soidisant Savior: I'll keep track.
Soidisant Savior: DON'T TELL HER
sawdoughy: I live in Chapters
sawdoughy: ass
p p pandemonium: rofl
Soidisant Savior: ahahdhahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: I probably haven't been to where you are
anyhow :P
savorysmurf: keep your location and identity confidential or she will come poo in a city near YOU
sawdoughy: I'm a canucker like you, but I don't keep track of the dumps
p p pandemonium: lololololol
AlenaBrolxFlami: I would be horrified if you did!
sawdoughy: so maybe I'm not a canucker
Soidisant Savior: Oh noes :(
sawdoughy: :(
p p pandemonium: lololol
AlenaBrolxFlami: fair enough!
sawdoughy: I'm going to cutz in a public washroom
savorysmurf: guard your turlets
savorysmurf: ok im goin to bed talk to you all tomorrow
sawdoughy: drags, I'm from AB
AlenaBrolxFlami: night
p p pandemonium: NITE LUVR!!!!!!!!
sawdoughy: see ya
Soidisant Savior: NYTE
savorysmurf: nite sxies
AlenaBrolxFlami: been to Edmonton / Banff / Calgary..
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah
sawdoughy: DUMPED THERE TOO?
p p pandemonium: LOL
Soidisant Savior: I WAS GONNA ASK
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: NO
Soidisant Savior: Are you sure?
AlenaBrolxFlami: although probably
Soidisant Savior: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
sawdoughy: I'M VIOLATED
sawdoughy: :(
Soidisant Savior: WHY
AlenaBrolxFlami: considering this was a six-day Band trip
AlenaBrolxFlami: uh.. because you have to poop sometime?
Soidisant Savior: *gasp*
Soidisant Savior: Scandal
sawdoughy: OMG
p p pandemonium: LOLOLOL
RezzOrange: Godamn, why did I take that nap earlier
Soidisant Savior: Hsdjgasdjajajaja
AlenaBrolxFlami: if I held it in for all six days till I got back to BC, I would SO rival the Chapters dump ;)
Soidisant Savior: WHAT HECK
sawdoughy: You would prob die
p p pandemonium: no
AlenaBrolxFlami: and no, I did not record my bathroom habits on that trip
p p pandemonium: evelyn told us abt her friend
sawdoughy: why not?
sawdoughy: your mom wasn't there?
p p pandemonium: who didnt shit for 3 weeks
Soidisant Savior: ldkghasl
RezzOrange: dude, wtf is up with al lthe poop talk?
Soidisant Savior: ...was there a reason for this, Hil?
AlenaBrolxFlami: because thankfully my family hadn't thought of it at that time, and she wasn't there anyhow :P
p p pandemonium: um
p p pandemonium: i dont know
sawdoughy: pls, STOP MAKING MY ROFL
Soidisant Savior: Leslie is a scat fiend.
AlenaBrolxFlami: am not
p p pandemonium: apparently!
sawdoughy: HAHAHA
p p pandemonium: well
p p pandemonium: her mom is
Soidisant Savior: lmho
AlenaBrolxFlami: too true
AlenaBrolxFlami: Mike. scroll up if you want to know
sawdoughy: Leslie, I'm going to shit in BC
AlenaBrolxFlami: go right ahead, Jay
sawdoughy: will you ~JOIN~ me
AlenaBrolxFlami: depends where you are
sawdoughy: where are you?
AlenaBrolxFlami: when you go to BC, that is
AlenaBrolxFlami: in Vancouver
sawdoughy: I can shit anywhere
sawdoughy: done
Soidisant Savior: wtf.sawdoughy: Meet me at Chapters?
Soidisant Savior: Hdglahahah
p p pandemonium: HAHAHAHAHHAHA
sawdoughy: WTF do I have 324890 windows of babyvixxxen up
p p pandemonium: idk
p p pandemonium: but if i ever go back to canada
Soidisant Savior: I don't know. :(
p p pandemonium: and go to a chapters
p p pandemonium: i will rofl
Soidisant Savior: I thought that sentence was going to end differently.
sawdoughy: I would invite you to my Chapters, but it prob. isn't safe anymore
p p pandemonium: haha jd
p p pandemonium: fack you
Soidisant Savior: :-*
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, sure.. which one?
p p pandemonium: :-*
sawdoughy: you have to guess which one
AlenaBrolxFlami: ah
sawdoughy: look at your poo records
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahahaha
sawdoughy: slsy
Soidisant Savior: HDgahahahaah
AlenaBrolxFlami: but I wouldn't have 'em for ya
sawdoughy: you wouldn't poo for me?
AlenaBrolxFlami: "bomb the USS Hornet" is what I'm known for
sawdoughy: wha?
AlenaBrolxFlami: "bomb" = poop
Soidisant Savior: ...what the fuck.
AlenaBrolxFlami: maybe.. but I don't poop on demand
p p pandemonium: um
AlenaBrolxFlami: my mom, again
sawdoughy: I'll try to remember that
p p pandemonium: yeah okay
Soidisant Savior: Suuuuuuuuuure
Soidisant Savior: If my mom named my shits, I wouldn't be bragging about it.
p p pandemonium: ROFL SRSLY
sawdoughy: If my mom SAW my shits, I'd send myself to the looney bin
AlenaBrolxFlami: no, she didn't NAME it..
p p pandemonium: haha
AlenaBrolxFlami: and she didn't see it
p p pandemonium: if my mom kept track of them
sawdoughy: let alone record them
sawdoughy: haha
p p pandemonium: i definitely wouldnt share taht with anyone
p p pandemonium: ever

p p pandemonium: at all
AlenaBrolxFlami: she was "concerned that I'd not been pooping lately" and ordered me to poop on the USS Hornet
AlenaBrolxFlami: uh, yeah.. that's all
Soidisant Savior: ...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
p p pandemonium: um
Soidisant Savior: rofl "concerned that I'd not been pooping lately"
p p pandemonium: ok
p p pandemonium: hhahhah
RezzOrange: God, still talking about poop?!
sawdoughy: HAHAHA
Soidisant Savior: APPARENTLY.
RezzOrange: I'll be all "hey, they're probably done talking about poop by now"
sawdoughy: We are all concerned
p p pandemonium: rofl
sawdoughy: about Leslie's bowels
Soidisant Savior: I can't stop laughaging
p p pandemonium: yes clearly
sawdoughy: and her bowel movements
RezzOrange: and then I restore the chat and its all "AlenaBrolxFlami: she was "concerned that I'd not been pooping lately" and ordered me to poop on the USS Hornet"
p p pandemonium: i know really
p p pandemonium: ROFL
Soidisant Savior: Hahahahhahahaa
sawdoughy: HAhasjhjasdasd
RezzOrange: I think I broke my computer
Soidisant Savior: How?
RezzOrange: The case is open and I accidentally kicked it before
sawdoughy: all this poo talk broke this chat
RezzOrange: and everything froze
RezzOrange: and now its acting scittish
p p pandemonium: :-/
AlenaBrolxFlami: eek
AlenaBrolxFlami: yes
sawdoughy: Leslie if you want to continue this talk about poo, pls feel free to IM me.
AlenaBrolxFlami: Jay, sure! hahahaha
p p pandemonium: wtf where is my mom
sawdoughy: keeping records?
Soidisant Savior: DHg;ahahahahaa
sawdoughy: I couldn't resist
p p pandemonium: HAHA
AlenaBrolxFlami: I would hope not!
Soidisant Savior: There is no room in the world for two mothers who do that.
p p pandemonium: yeah really
sawdoughy: esp. two mothers in CANADADA
p p pandemonium: um i am non canadadadadian
Soidisant Savior: yah
p p pandemonium: non? not
AlenaBrolxFlami: maybe it's because my mom's overly concerned with that kind of thing..
sawdoughy: :(
AlenaBrolxFlami: so when I ask her why, she's all like: "well, I'm your MOTHER.. you can tell ME!"
p p pandemonium: haha
AlenaBrolxFlami: and I'm thinking, "uh........ how about NOT?"
Soidisant Savior: ...that doesn't make any sense.
sawdoughy: my mom's just a math nazi
sawdoughy: not a poo nazi
Soidisant Savior: My mom is a germ nazi.
AlenaBrolxFlami: I dare someone to post that in RQ.. "have YOU ever taken a Chapters dump?!"
p p pandemonium: rofl
Soidisant Savior: Uhhh.
p p pandemonium: you should
Soidisant Savior: Yeah, you should, Leslie.
Soidisant Savior: Also ask if anyone records their shits.
RezzOrange: and another
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, maybe..
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahahahahahahaha
Soidisant Savior: I swear.
sawdoughy: or if their mom does
Soidisant Savior: Mike gets back and suddenly we're talking about shit again.
p p pandemonium: oh, good job!
RezzOrange: ha
p p pandemonium: HAHA
RezzOrange: Guess I'm just lucky
AlenaBrolxFlami: brb
Soidisant Savior: k
Soidisant Savior: I suppose, Leslie, that you're not going to ask the question.
Soidisant Savior: So I will.
sawdoughy: pls do
sawdoughy: so I can post WTF
Soidisant Savior: Done.
RezzOrange: ahahahaha
sawdoughy: nice
Soidisant Savior: rofl jay
sawdoughy: I'm not sure if that's the right size/color,
sawdoughy: have to check with Leslie, or her mom
Soidisant Savior: Hahaha, indeed.
sawdoughy: Oh, crap, I need to fix that
Soidisant Savior: Hmm?
sawdoughy: that better
Soidisant Savior: Hahahahaha.
AlenaBrolxFlami: I had 16 emails left :(
Soidisant Savior: Eh?
sawdoughy: wha?
AlenaBrolxFlami: I was going to do it as soon as I finished checking my email!
Soidisant Savior: Oh.
Soidisant Savior: Awww.
AlenaBrolxFlami: what's the link?
Soidisant Savior:
AlenaBrolxFlami: thanks
sawdoughy: pls reveal yourself
Soidisant Savior: Yes, come out to RQ.
Soidisant Savior: Everyone will be really supportive.
*** savorysmurf has joined the chat.
p p pandemonium: hay luvr
Soidisant Savior: HI
savorysmurf: hay sxy
AlenaBrolxFlami: we're still kinda talking about poop
savorysmurf: i mizzed you guys
savorysmurf: hahahaha
Soidisant Savior: what
Soidisant Savior: oh
savorysmurf: i had several unanswered poo questions i needed to ask
Soidisant Savior: OH, well.
Soidisant Savior: Ask away.
Soidisant Savior: The expert is still among us.
sawdoughy: maybe her mom is around?
savorysmurf: ask your mom the normal size of a 26 year old females B.M.
Soidisant Savior: Hahahaahaa
sawdoughy: and color
AlenaBrolxFlami: Kelly, I'd be laughing too hard to ask her
RezzOrange: oh man, with the poop again?
savorysmurf: hahaha
p p pandemonium: hahaahhah
sawdoughy: hahahahdsl
savorysmurf: but she loves to talk about the B.M.S
AlenaBrolxFlami: hang on.. maybe I will ask her
AlenaBrolxFlami: I'm back
AlenaBrolxFlami: DAMN YOU KELLY.. :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: hahahahaha
savorysmurf: damn me why
savorysmurf: hahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: I could hardly ask her the questions, I was cracking up so badly!
Soidisant Savior: Oh.
sawdoughy: wha
savorysmurf: YOU ASKED HER
Soidisant Savior: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
savorysmurf: HOLY SHIT
Soidisant Savior: OMG
savorysmurf: hahahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: uh, yeah...
AlenaBrolxFlami: so I finally get them out, and she has this to say: "Why? Who asked you that, your crazy friend in Toronto? I don't know, you're crazy!"
*** Blunt Intrusion has joined the chat.
Soidisant Savior: Hello, Aaron.
savorysmurf: hahahahaha
savorysmurf: so i get no answer
savorysmurf: abotu my suggested BM
sawdoughy: hahaha
RezzOrange: oh crap
savorysmurf: bhahahaha no pun no pun
Blunt Intrusion: YAY, i only hate a couple of these people!
Soidisant Savior: OH BOY.
p p pandemonium: haha
sawdoughy: um
Blunt Intrusion: your suggested bm?
Soidisant Savior: ...don't ask.
sawdoughy: HAHAHa
AlenaBrolxFlami: no, Kelly.. you don't
savorysmurf: you lie
AlenaBrolxFlami: sorry!
Soidisant Savior: Okay.
AlenaBrolxFlami: I don't lie
savorysmurf: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
RezzOrange: g'night
savorysmurf: big chaper shit
savorysmurf: awe
AlenaBrolxFlami: no more you-know-what talk ;)
savorysmurf: plus the llama
sawdoughy: what, chapter dumps?
savorysmurf: POO
c0uragemylove: sex talk? awwe :( lol
savorysmurf: POO TALK
savorysmurf: POO TALK
Soidisant Savior: sex talk!
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, unless you want to confuse the hell out of Aaron
p p pandemonium: haha
sawdoughy: no, just SHIT TALK
c0uragemylove: ew shit. lol
sawdoughy: pls, no llama sex
savorysmurf: pppoo
savorysmurf: p p poo
c0uragemylove: llamas are cool.
Blunt Intrusion: oh please, everything confuses the hell outta me
savorysmurf: ch ch chapters shit
AlenaBrolxFlami: this is so good, I'm posting it in my journal.. hahahahaha!
Soidisant Savior: HAhaha
savorysmurf: slfdkjasdfljda funniest thing ahd to be
savorysmurf: once my sister took this HUGE CHAPTERS DUMP
savorysmurf: wtf
sawdoughy: pls post it on RQ too
savorysmurf: haahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
AlenaBrolxFlami: since Aaron's on my friendslist, he'll see it.. hahahaha!
savorysmurf: i say wtf is a chapters dump wtf wtf wtc
savorysmurf: asjdf;adfkjas;
sawdoughy: A dump in a bookstore.
sawdoughy: It's the new thing
savorysmurf: hahahaha
sawdoughy: A BIG dump
savorysmurf: everyone is pooping in a book
p p pandemonium: ROFL
c0uragemylove: now would that be in the bathroom or just randomly in an aisle
c0uragemylove: ?
sawdoughy: With your mom
Blunt Intrusion: i do believe i've created an rq voice chat monster
sawdoughy: in the bathroom
sawdoughy: taking notes
AlenaBrolxFlami: no, she wasn't in the bathroom taking notes.. she made us tell her!
Soidisant Savior: GOD DAMN IT
sawdoughy: did she record you?
savorysmurf: check my away message
savorysmurf: WTF
AlenaBrolxFlami: no, thank God
savorysmurf: that is ever WIERDER
savorysmurf: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll post this in RQ when this is done
sawdoughy: are you sure, she is the poo nazi
AlenaBrolxFlami: yes, quite sure!
savorysmurf: what is happeneing
Blunt Intrusion: dude, you can use headphones
Soidisant Savior: ...hmm?
Blunt Intrusion: just plug them onto the mic hole
Soidisant Savior: Explain please.
Soidisant Savior: ...
Soidisant Savior: Are you serious?
savorysmurf: c0uragemylove: i'm so lost in that chat... i don't know who anyone is talking about hahahaAuto response from savorysmurf: srry i had to go to the bookstore.
sawdoughy: waht about web cams
Blunt Intrusion: yep
Soidisant Savior: Hold on.
Soidisant Savior: what the fuck.
c0uragemylove: its easy to plug it into the hole. duh.
sawdoughy: yeah but do you need Yahoo Messenger
p p pandemonium: ROFL
c0uragemylove: its kind of like sex.
AlenaBrolxFlami: JD, I am serious.. you should see the "bombing journal"
Soidisant Savior: I WANT TO.
p p pandemonium: WHAT
Soidisant Savior: ...well.
p p pandemonium: THERES A JOURNAL FOR THIS

Soidisant Savior: Out of this morbid curiosity.
sawdoughy: WHERE????
sawdoughy: WHERE????
Soidisant Savior: It should be transferred immediately to LJ.
p p pandemonium: YES
p p pandemonium: I AGREE
p p pandemonium: makeit like a community
AlenaBrolxFlami: at my mom's
p p pandemonium: for all shit logging
Soidisant Savior: Hahahahaha
sawdoughy: ROFL
AlenaBrolxFlami: and if I ask for it, she'll think I want to throw it out
Soidisant Savior: It could be a hit!
Soidisant Savior: And you'd be the mod!
savorysmurf: a journal for WHAT
savorysmurf: omg
savorysmurf: hil thats nast
savorysmurf: i likes
p p pandemonium: haha
sawdoughy: pls create
Blunt Intrusion: id never get to log:(
sawdoughy: I have an icon
savorysmurf: plz create a chapters community
sawdoughy: HAHAHA
savorysmurf: and book ppl will want to join
p p pandemonium: CHAPTERS
p p pandemonium: or like
c0uragemylove: does the US even have Chapters?
sawdoughy: call it DUMP_RECORD
p p pandemonium: CHAPTERSDUMP
Soidisant Savior: Hahahahah
p p pandemonium: i dont thinks o
sawdoughy: YAYAYAYA
p p pandemonium: rofl jd!
savorysmurf: YES
c0uragemylove: I always thought it was the Canadian equiv. to Borders.
c0uragemylove: Since we don't have any here.
p p pandemonium: i think it is
savorysmurf: its the equivalent of the shitter
c0uragemylove: I don't know if its owned by the same company or not though. ah well
sawdoughy: HAHAHA
Blunt Intrusion: ugh we dont have borders
c0uragemylove: well apparantly it's just one huge bathroom.
savorysmurf: where ppl take HUGE DUMPS
p p pandemonium: haha
p p pandemonium: yeah clearly
c0uragemylove: they should market it like that.
p p pandemonium: well i mean
c0uragemylove: "come read books WHILE you're taking a dump"
p p pandemonium: people like to read on the toilet right?
sawdoughy: I do
p p pandemonium: i mean i dont because i hate being in bathrooms
Blunt Intrusion: the community that really smells like poopoopoo
p p pandemonium: but i guess osme people like to read on the toilet
c0uragemylove: its from all the starbucks.
c0uragemylove: (They have starbucks in chapters)
p p pandemonium: starbucks<333
sawdoughy: AND RECORD IT
savorysmurf: sup ill shit at the everywhere store
sawdoughy: HAHA
Soidisant Savior: Chaptersdump
savorysmurf: shit down and enjoy yourself
Soidisant Savior: Hahaha
Blunt Intrusion: god i havent seen a toliet kelly wont shit at
sawdoughy: OMG CREATE
c0uragemylove: hahahhaa
sawdoughy: PROMOTE!
sawdoughy: RECORD!
sawdoughy: SHIT!
p p pandemonium: ROFL
sawdoughy: of course
savorysmurf: not dump record
Blunt Intrusion: she calls and tells me she shit at walmart, kmart, krogers, mcdonalds, etc.
savorysmurf: so
savorysmurf: i havent shit at chapters
c0uragemylove: ...yeah. cos I always want to know when my friends take a shit.
Blunt Intrusion: you dont have one
c0uragemylove: *blinks*
savorysmurf: but if i ever see one you can bet imma shit there
c0uragemylove: there are TWO here where I live LVR.
sawdoughy: tomorrow I am going to shit at a chapters that Leslie has been to and shat at
Soidisant Savior: Hahaha
Soidisant Savior: How exciting.
savorysmurf: im coming to a shitty near you!
sawdoughy: it's a goal of mine
savorysmurf: get it shitty = city
savorysmurf: YEP
c0uragemylove: you should write on the stall "I shit here, dec 6, 2004"
sawdoughy: HAHAHA
c0uragemylove: and sign your lj name.
sawdoughy: next to Leslie's sig
c0uragemylove: hahhaha
sawdoughy: ROFL
c0uragemylove: Someone should post a question in rq... "Where was the last public place you shit?"
savorysmurf: do it
c0uragemylove: I'll do it
sawdoughy: obviously my dream shitter is Chapters
savorysmurf: is someone creating chapters dump
p p pandemonium: haha
sawdoughy: I'll create it
Soidisant Savior: I have them plugged into my mic jac.
c0uragemylove: oh its posted
Soidisant Savior: k.
Soidisant Savior: It isn't working.
Blunt Intrusion: well fuckcicle
savorysmurf: who is talkin in voice and where
Soidisant Savior: OH WAIT.
AlenaBrolxFlami: steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: yaz is bombing!
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: OH!!!!! I bombed the TOronto Police
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: thought you'd be interested
Flami: a wild old chicken that doesn't have to walk: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** (steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine) has joined the conversation.
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: not bad, huh?
Flami: a wild old chicken that doesn't have to walk: you are BAD!!!!!!! on their HEADS?!@
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: actually, it was the "forensic Identification services" of the Toronto Police
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: even more elite
steph: just say NO to drugs...Except caffeine: hoho!
Blunt Intrusion: ok
p p pandemonium: ROFL
Blunt Intrusion: any idea how?
Soidisant Savior: UHHH
Soidisant Savior: WTF
savorysmurf: how
Soidisant Savior: You suggested it.
savorysmurf: i wanna do it
Blunt Intrusion: im not nearly as smart as i look ....
Blunt Intrusion: let me LOOK
savorysmurf: BAH
c0uragemylove: The page cannot be found
savorysmurf: kaballah
sawdoughy: WHoops, CHAPTERSDUMP
c0uragemylove: rofl i like the logo *nod*
Soidisant Savior: WE WANT TO.
savorysmurf: linkz to chapdump plz
c0uragemylove: why am i the only member :(
c0uragemylove: lol
sawdoughy: LESLIE JOIN
sawdoughy: AND POST
savorysmurf: wtf why does leslies mom do shit logs
c0uragemylove: i joined. and posted just now
AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, I will
savorysmurf: do you ahve this saved
savorysmurf: send it to me so i can edit
savorysmurf: adfajsdlfjads;fa
sawdoughy: this whole thing?
savorysmurf: well i dont have it
sawdoughy: hahaha, I can post the whole thing
savorysmurf: no just the chapters stuff
savorysmurf: i dont have anything from earlier
sawdoughy: ok will do
p p pandemonium: o hay 2 my mom!
savorysmurf: hay hils mom
Soidisant Savior: HI HILS MOM
p p pandemonium: i should ask if shes taken any worthwhile shits lately
savorysmurf: tell me about your BM
savorysmurf: yes
savorysmurf: at chapters
p p pandemonium: we dotn have chapters :(
Soidisant Savior: Yeah
Soidisant Savior: ;____;
savorysmurf: o no she prolly
savorysmurf: REALLY HAS TO GO
AlenaBrolxFlami: posted
sawdoughy: you can talk about any BM
savorysmurf: im holding it til i get to chapters
AlenaBrolxFlami: haha, no
AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll post it
AlenaBrolxFlami: and there it is posted
AlenaBrolxFlami: I'll make it public?
sawdoughy: do that
AlenaBrolxFlami: here we go, it's public

Then we tried to figure out how to set up a Yahoo voice chat.. I'm in it now, even though I don't have a mic. Go figure, but there IS text! :P
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